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SHRF By Monthly Newsletter April-May 2013


SHRF Bi-Monthly Newsletter April - May 2013

COMMENTARY: No Positive Change Yet On The Ground,  Rights Abuse Still Widespread

“We are a military that adheres not only to civil and to martial laws and regulations, but also to the Geneva Convention. Since we train our Tatmadaw men to acknowledge and adhere to the Geneva Convention, our Tatmadaw have never committed any war crimes and soldiers (who committed punishable acts) have had effective action taken against them according to military regulations”

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COMMENTARY:Land Grabbing and Related Issues and Abuses Continue

As land grabbing, attempts at land grabbing and other problems related to land have continued unabated at many places in Shan State, human rights abuses connected or related to these incidents have also been rampant over the years up to the present.

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http://shanhumanrights.org/components/com_jce/editor/tiny_mce/plugins/anchor/img/anchor.gif) 50% 50% no-repeat;">COMMENTARY:Checkpoint Banditry: Rampant Extortion at Checkpoints

Extortion of money from ordinary people by authorities is a practice directly resulting from corruption. As corruption has been virtually everywhere in Shan State for decades, so has the extortion of money from the people by the Burmese military, police and their cronies and cohorts.

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COMMENTARY: Rampant Narcotic Drug-related Problems and Human Rights Violations

Problems related to narcotic drugs, e.g. opium and its derivatives, and various amphetamine-type synthetic drugs, both in using and trafficking of them, have long been widespread in Shan State, and so have human rights violations related to them

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