Broken Promise Deadly Gold Mining Continues in Mong Len

Update By the Shan Human Rights Foundation

February 23, 2016

Broken Promise Deadly Gold Mining Continues in Mong Len

In response to strong community resistance to gold mining in Mong Len, eastern Shan State, the Shan State Mining Minister ordered the mining to stop in July 2014. Despite this, mining is ongoing in this area till today, with permission from Naypyidaw, and is continuing to have grave impacts on the health and livelihoods of local villagers. This booklet documents the struggle of the villagers to hold the mining companies accountable, and the failure of companies and government officials to protect local communities’ rights.

The booklet is dedicated to Loong Sarm, a villager from Na Hai Long, Mong Len, who was shot and killed by Burmese government soldiers on October 13, 2015, when he went with a group of villagers to monitor the gold mining in the hills above his village. The soldiers were providing security for the mining operations.

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